morgan moniz i swear to god your the most beautiful person that has ever stood in front of me. your eyes sparkle brown gold is so pretty at times i just dont wanna look away. when im with you i dont get butterflys i get feelings an feel things far beyond that. morgan true i know i love you because when your mad at me an you hurt me all i can think about is the times you sang to me or made me laugh. i love you more than you can imagine when i see your face it brightens up my day. morgan ive never told you this but when you hug me and hold time stops. nothing matters not cars not money not gurls not home work not school nothing only you an theres times were i feel like when you stop hugging me your going away and dont wanna lose you cause your everything to me you make me happy you make me sad you make me feel things i could only imagine to feel. morgan your your beautiful your gorgeous but your soo beyond that so so beyond that i wish someone could invent a word that could only describe you, and its not how many times i tell you your beautiful its deep down the truth the real truth AND i promise you tyler could never ever had or ever have the feeling i have for you morgan, i mean everything im telling you too from the bottom of my heart to the very top. when your sitting on my lap looking back at me do you ever wonder whaat im thinking ... im think how could i ever be soo lucky to find a gurl like you your amazig in everyway from the stories to talking lateits everything abut you an yess your nott fat at ALL you have a perfectionate body from top to bottom your pure beauty i promise you this meghan fox can be pretty but not beautiful because a beautiful person is beautiful inside and out like you morgan your personality sometimes makes me wonder were you put on earth just to make me happy and i want you to be mine really bad i want you to love me an need me as bad as i need you because morgan i wanna be with you not cuz i think youll make me happy but because I KNOW (i couldnt be happy with out you!!!!!